How to play UNO with normal deck

How to play UNO with normal deck

For you who know the game of UNO, has played with friends, but still has the original letters of the game will show a way that I and my family invented to play this addictive game with normal deck.

For you who may not yet bought the cards from the UNO to find the price a bit steep, or economics, but has normal deck in your home goes to hint that my family and I invented:

You will need two sets of playing cards NORMAL complete, ie with the Wildcard, in our case, each game comes with two Wildcard, these letters are used.

I'll show you how we play, but you can adapt your way:
In the game of UNO are four colors (yellow, red, blue and green) there are also letters +4, +2, and blocking back.

In normal deck there are four suits, hearts, spades, sticks and gold, these letters may well replace the four colors of the game.
For the letters we use the Wildcard +4 (4 in total, they are two of each card game)
To use the letters +2 DAMA.

BACK to the letters we use the letter Jack.

To use BLOCK letters the letter KING.

For the letters CHANGE COLOR TO use the letter.

How to play:
The rules are the same: embaralhamos distribute the cards and 7 for each player, then put in mind that the suits are the colors of the game, example: In the game of UNO GREEN if the letter that was number 7 on the table the player would have the any option to play the green card or a letter of another color that has the number 7 in our case, if 7 Cups on the table that the player has the option to play any card that has CUPS or any other that has the number 7.

The other plays are like the UNO, for a player blocking another, for example, in a UNO player finds the letter on the table 3 RED, it will need to lock the lock RED, but if the other player has in hand a yellow lock he can play on top of RED, in our case in this table the three of clubs, to block the player need to have the letter King of Clubs (where my family chose to use the letter as LOCK KING) but if the other player have in hand the letter KING (LOCK) from Treetops he can play on top of the letter KING Wands ie, when the player is on the table a letter LOCK (in our case the letter REI) he can use it over any LOCK ( KING). And so also of the letter BACK (in our case J) The card purchase +2 also follows this rule.

Finally the Rule is the same as the UNO, in our case rather than the player yell UNO when you get a letter in hand with the player yells KING, in which case you choose the word.

I hope you enjoyed the hint and have fun just like me and my family have fun, no doubt leave your question, your comment so that I can answer ...

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